Who Can Change The Ownership Of The Supply

The new owner of the electricity supply, who will assume responsibility for the amount from the date on which it is placed in his name.

When a change of ownership of the electricity supply is made In case of purchase or rental of housing

The new owner or tenant must change the electricity contract in his name. It is advisable to ask for an invoice of the previous light, to provide all the data that you will need later.

When The Old Owner Dies

In this case, it will be a descendant who requests the change of ownership, or if he prefers, the decrease of the electricity supply.

When a couple divorces

It will be the spouse who stays in the domicile who must have the ownership of the electricity supply.

What documentation is needed to change the owner of the electricity supply

Information from the previous owner and the new one.

Complete address of the house.

Current electrical power (you can change it at the same time if you wish).

CUPS code (you can get it from an invoice).

How many banks of the new owner.

Copy of the deed or rental agreement.

Remember that if you are changing the ownership of the supply, you can also change the electric power (if you see it necessary) at the same time.

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